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What’s an App or Website?


AppAn App (Application) is a computer program/software that’s most commonly used for mobile devices. These Apps provide a simple download experience that can allow for an easy distribution process. These apps range from social platforms such as Facebook to a payment system such as PayPal.

Website – A website such as this one is generally a collection of interlinked web pages that share a related resource network in a central location being the domain name.

Why use an App/Website


AppMobile applications are responsible for 86% of the average individuals time spent on their mobile device. This provides an opportunity for all businesses to access their customer base 24/7 and drastically improve customer service, team communication, marketing capabilities, and online recognition.

WebsiteA website is the number one marketing asset a company can own in todays digital age. Studys show that users spend on average 23.6 hours online per week and over 97% of them expect a company to have own a website. A website allows a business to easily communicate with customers, track marketing channels, and expand an online brand that opens more opportunities to generate organic traffic through search engines and social media platforms.